Carly Rae Jepsen brought her “Dedicated Tour” to Philadelphia recently and played to a sold out crowd at The Fillmore. With support from Phoebe Ryan, the show was a nonstop night of pop, dancing, singing, and energy.

This show in Philly was Phoebe Ryan’s first show on the tour. Having never heard of her at all, I was excited to get the chance to check her out. I don’t think that Carly Rae Jepsen could’ve picked a better opening act to support her. Phoebe Ryan has a phenomenal voice and great stage presence. Fans in the crowd made sure to show their support for her and it really helped to hype up others around them as well. I would highly advise checking her out if you haven’t heard of her before.  

When the lights went down, Carly Rae Jepsen’s band came out and the crowd went insane. CRJ fans are die hard, and it was understandable why after seeing her performance. Everything about this show was undeniably beautiful and amazing. Her stage setup was gorgeous – a small platform towards the back with stairs down the middle, disco ball, and hanging light frames were seen. Her lights were just the right amount of bright and dark, and the colors were not too harsh. Most importantly, Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice is amazing live. She’s got a beautiful, clean tone and her pitch is on point. She danced around the stage performing songs such as “E·MO·TION”, “Fever”, and “I Really Like You”. During “Run Away With Me” someone had crowd surfed up to the front and thrown a sword on stage that read “Carly SLAY Jepsen”, which she grabbed and held up victoriously while performing. I later came to find out that Sound Bites Media’s writer Ashley Cline (who we all know is the BIGGEST CRJ fan) was the one who did this. Shout out to Ashley for this fun moment we all got to witness!

 When she played “Call Me Maybe” I had been walking across the back of the room to the other side of the venue, and had seen a small girl in a rainbow tutu running and dancing back and forth scream singing the lyrics. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this warmed my heart. There were several children that I could see visible in the crowd and it was so sweet to know that Jepsen is able to draw in a crowd of all ages.

After the encore, fans left the venue covered in confetti with the sweet sound of “Cut to the Feeling” still ringing in their ears. I was so incredibly impressed with Jepsen’s performance that night and I will definitely be making it a point of mine to see her again next time see tours. If you haven’t checked her out yet, I would definitely say stop sleeping on her. Carly Rae Jepsen proved that night at The Fillmore that she is truly a pop queen.


Nicole DiBenedetto is a photographer based out of New Jersey. She likes making new friends and meeting new people so catch her out in the pit and say hi!