The Hollywood Records showcase event at The Box in NYC on Tuesday, May 1 was nothing short of extraordinary. The amount of talent that filled the room throughout the night was a musician’s dream.

Starting the night off was Kopps, a dance/electronic band from Rochester, NY. Kopps did an amazing job of filling the room with high amounts of energy through their poppy sound. Lead vocalist Patricia Patron made great use of the space on the stage with her wide range of dances that included some very impressive high kicks. The interaction between the members of Kopps on stage made for a very fun set with some choreographed movement sprinkled throughout. From the minute they took the stage to the minute they left, Kopps gave the audience an exciting performance to warm them up for the night.

Next up on stage was Bobi Andonov, coming all the way from Australia. Bobi’s set was only 4 songs in length, but he showed incredible amounts of talent during that time proving that quality is better than quantity. Bobi started off his set with his track “When I’m With You” and delivered jaw-dropping vocals as he soared into his upper range and falsetto throughout the performance. Bobi’s ability to execute such clean, beautiful vocal runs throughout the performance was unbelievably impressive.

The highly anticipated artist, morgxn, was next to take the stage and the room was instantly transformed as patrons poured onto the floor to experience an emotionally immersive performance. When morgxn played “Love You With the Lights On” audience members swayed to the rhythms and were fully focused on the beautiful vocal melodies presented by morgxn. There are no words to describe how intensely emotional of a performance he puts on when he is on stage. The entire experience felt so raw, and really pulled at the heartstrings of the attendees as morgxn presented songs that were straight from personal experiences. In addition to the passion that was radiating from the stage, it’s also good to note how personable the entire experience felt. From the minute he walked onstage, it was like morgxn had opened a door to his life for each person in the room to step into, and guests were immediately greeted by a friendly demeanor and a humble attitude. A highlight of the performance was definitely morgxn’s performance of his hit song, “Home”. This is a song that is most familiar to listeners due to the exposure it’s been given through media. However, due to technical difficulties with the tracks, the song was unable to be performed in its original form. Instead, morgxn acted quick on his feet and decided that he would do the song acoustically, instantly jumping onto the piano to begin. The audience was in for a huge treat as they got to hear the song done acoustically just as flawlessly as it would’ve been on the track behind it. It was a beautifully stripped down version and featured stunning use of vibrato in the chorus.

The night was certainly one for the books as so many talented artists graced the stage of The Box. If you are craving more from morgxn, you can check out his new album “Vital” which will be dropping on May 18th! To stay up to date with morgxn’s news make sure you give his Facebook page a like and turn on notifications!

Nicole DiBenedetto is a photographer based out of New Jersey. She likes making new friends and meeting new people so catch her out in the pit and say hi!