Having just joining the New West Records roster, the up and coming three-piece from Seattle have released their debut album. Making great use of their quirky guitar effects and driven drum beats, Naked Giants successfully established their own unique sound within the punk scene. 

Grant, Gianni, and Henry capture a rawness on their record, “Sluff”. They deliver catchy choruses, imperfectly perfect drum fills, shredding guitar solos, and fuzz. Lots and lots of fuzz. 

It’s a dead give away that those three have been playing together for quite some time. Their performances sound locked and tight as the use of syncopated rhythms between the guitar,  drums, and bass is a common theme among the 12 tracks.

I greatly appreciated that Naked Giants sound and feel authentic. It’s refreshing to have a band around that is releasing this kind of genuine art. 

I also really enjoyed the effortless dramatic changes in the tempo throughout tracks like Easy Eating, TV, and Dat Boi. Pulling that off live is sure to be impressive.

One of my favorite moments on this record was the transition between tracks Goldfish I and Goldfish II. Goldfish I being a soft, ghostly track that floats into the upbeat woodblock driven dance number that is Goldfish II. 

This record, as a whole, keeps you on your toes as Naked Giants continuously play with different ways of starting and ending their songs.  “Sluff” is a must listen for those who love some awesome high energy, pop punk, lo-fi catchy tunes. 

Favorite Tracks: Dead/Alien, We’re Alone, Easy Eating

Austin Newkirk is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer. You’ll likely find him in one of three places - out at the beach with his dog, Ky, at a brewery sipping on a stout, or out shooting your next favorite band.