Police have confirmed the body found at a marina on the banks of Firth of Forth to be Frightened Rabbit’s vocalist, 36-year-old Scott Hutchison. Hutchison went missing around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning (May 9) leaving the messages “be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given. I’m so annoyed that it’s not. I didn’t live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones” and “I am away now. Thanks.” on Twitter.

Scott had spoken about his mental illness at great length and with candor over the years. His brother Neil saying he had done so “in an attempt to help other people with similar conditions”. Though no official cause of death has been given a statement from Hutchison’s family, issued by Police Scotland, suggest the singer had been suffering with his mental health. The statement reads: “As a family, we are utterly devastated with the tragic loss of our beloved Scott. Despite his disappearance, and the recent concerns over his mental health, we had all remained positive and hopeful that he would walk back through the door, having taken some time away to compose himself. Scott, like many artists, wore his heart on his sleeve and that was evident in the lyrics of his music and the content of many of his social media posts.” (This article is a wonderful example of his frankness.)

Scott’s music helped me, and many others like me, cope with my own mental illness. Countless times when I’ve found myself in a cold bath – having spent hours laying there staring at the ceiling – feeling isolated and alone and fighting the urge to slip under the still water his voice would call out through his music letting me know that someone understood.

Like the Tweet above mentions, as we grieve we must remember that the fight is not just to be heard – we place so much burden on those with mental illness to seek help – but to make sure that help is accessible. We must fight for the ability to not just call a phone line but to be able to find care and long-term treatment. Scott was vocal, Avicii was vocal, Chester Bennington was vocal.

A reddit thread has been created to share stories of Scott, his acts of kindness, and appreciation for the music he created.

We send our deepest love to the family, friends, and fans of Scott Hutchison.

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