The last few years people have spread the “Emo Revival” with the enthusiasm of an evangelical preacher. At the forefront of these feverish sermons were the bands Balance and Composure, Into It. Over It., The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die, and Tiny Moving Parts. We joined the congregation at a sold-out Tiny Moving Parts gig to see if this resurgence of a once taboo word was promising.

I missed the first two acts on the bill due to my perpetual tardiness but was able to catch the full set of the last opener, Mom Jeans. Mom Jeans.’ 2016 album, best buds, created a lot of buzz and has sustained the band’s popularity. That popularity was evident during their set – with people continuing to pack into the venue and an almost constant stream of bodies passing over the crowd.

Tiny Moving Parts, and emo, are known for their lyrics confronting feelings of insecurity and self-doubt but the smile that rarely left vocalist Dylan Mattheisen’s face was one of understanding and camaraderie. Math rock, emo, whichever you decide to call TMP, they do it right with their tapping runs and un-aligned rhythms. The band played their dynamic and complex set, traveling through a selection from their full discography with tight precision.

Before their encore of “Caution,” Dylan told the crowd to join him on stage if they knew the lyrics to the song. The stage quickly turned into a chaotic sea of bodies singing into mics and diving back into the crowd they had just left. Tiny Moving Parts created a moment where the band and fans truly coalesced and those that answered his beckoning and climbed onto that small stage became the fourth member of the band.

Catch them on their next tour providing support for The Wonder Years with Tigers Jaw and Worriers.

Laura is a native St. Louisan giving you the front row view by photographing your favorite artists.