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I came for the pupper, and I stayed for the music.

Formed in 2013, Chronologist is an instrumental progressive rock band based in Austin, Texas. The band consists of guitarists Julián Gargiulo and Nick Broomhall along with drummer Zach Sacco.

Equinox I, the band’s latest EP, dropped March 20th conveniently on the first day of spring – the Spring Equinox. This EP is the first of a collection of four that will be dropping on each solstice and equinox day throughout 2019.

Musically, Equinox I is quite diverse. The release date format, in its own right, is unique, too.

The EP is four tracks, and if you are a sucker for metric modulations, it is probably worth giving a chance. The guitar and drum work on the EP is pretty stellar.

Get a taste of the opening track, “Névé” below:

With a slight early Dance Gavin Dance tone to it, “Névé” has got a lot going for it. The song sounds like it belongs in a melodic sci-fi movie, and it is arguably the strongest track on the EP. Plus, the dog in the music video is just adorable.

“Emigrate” and “Sunbat,” when compared to “Névé,” are definitely songs that one would more so expect to hear on an instrumental EP. Despite falling victim to repetition at times, both tracks demonstrate how talented Chronologist’s members are.

“Sunbat,” in particular, has a strong bass tone to it. It might not be for everyone, but if you are a musician, especially a guitarist, Gargiulo and Broomhall deserve credit for all the modulation and technical riffing techniques they use in just four songs.

“Vernal,” the last track on the EP, like “Névé” stands out. Its variations are phenomenal, and the constant changes in tempo are timed well. That outro, too. That insane drill-like outro is worth listening to if you deem yourself a Night Verses fan.

Overall, Equinox I is an EP for those that appreciate experimentation. If you are not into sci-fi movie soundtracks, and well, instrumental albums in general, this one probably is not for you. Chronologist is for a niche audience – one that hopefully grows with time.

Standout Tracks: “Névé” and “Vernal”

Rating: 8/10


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