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Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Dreamhouse broke onto the scene in March of 2016. The alt-rock band is comprised of vocalist Brianna Jackson, bassist Jared Block, guitarist Derek Moffat, and drummer Michael Crisp.

In October - after releasing their debut EP, Bloom in 2016 and winning the Ernie Ball competition to play at Vans Warped Tour in 2017 - Dreamhouse was signed to InVogue Records.

How did the band get started?
Derek: “It started out just as a writing project. I would write songs every now and then for a few years and eventually started finding members to write with.”

How did you all meet one another?
Derek: “Bri and I went to the same middle school and high school. We met everyone else through the music scene here in Milwaukee. I actually recorded Jared's old band, Narrow Hearts back in 2014, and we all met Michael going to shows over the years.”

How did it feel being signed onto InVogue Records? Did you all think you would get to that point?
Derek: “It was pretty surreal. When we first started talking with them, we were kind of freaking out, ha ha! Being on InVogue was actually something we all aimed for and talked about in the past as we were starting to gain some attention from managers and agents. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of the label. They're all wonderful people and really care for their bands.”

What genre do you consider the band, if any specific one?
Derek: “Alternative Rock.”

What does the band name mean, and how did you all come up with it?
Derek: “We named the band after the Tides of Man album. That album really inspired us in the earlier years and helped us find our sound.”

Who are your biggest influences?
Derek: “This answer will probably vary from member to member, but for influencing our writing, I'd say... Slaves, Issues, Too Close to Touch, Hands Like Houses, and Saosin.”

What’s the craziest thing you have all done as a band?
Derek: “The craziest band moment was probably when we played the Journey's Main Stage at Warped Tour in 2017. It was a stage we saw our favorite bands play growing up and was honestly a dream getting to play.”

What’s your songwriting process? Do you all have a particular way of getting things done?
Derek: “Typically, I will write and/or demo a rough version of a song in the studio and will send that to everyone. We go from there and make some tweaks and then we'll record the final track in the studio.”

What else do you all like to do beside being in the band?
Derek: “Jared and Michael love sports and are pretty into doing the fantasy leagues. They're always trying to stream games in the van, ha ha. I’m usually working with other bands in my studio. Bri enjoys playing her acoustic and painting every now and then.”

What are the plans for Dreamhouse moving forward?
Derek: “We have more music videos coming out in the next few months, as well as our debut full length in early 2019. We'll also be announcing tour dates around that time, so stay tuned!”


Coke or Pepsi?
Bri: “Coke.”
Jared: “Neither, I don't drink soda, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Coke.”
Michael: “Coke, but wild cherry Pepsi over cherry Coke.”
Derek: “Neither. I don't drink soda either.”

Android or iPhone?
Bri: “iPhone.”
Jared: “iPhone.”
Michael: “iPhone.”
Derek: “I JUST got an iPhone after having various Androids over the years, so I'm still figuring that out, ha ha. There's stuff I like and dislike about both systems.”

City or country?
Bri: “Suburbs!”
Jared: “Country.”
Michael: “City.”
Derek: “Country.”

Dogs or cats?
Bri: “Dogs.”
Jared: “Dogs.”
Michael: “Dogs.”
Derek: “Dogs.”

For songwriting: paper or computer?
Bri: “Paper.”
Jared: “Paper for lyrics, computer for instruments.”
Michael: “Computer.”
Derek: “Computer.”

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