If you knew Emarosa, you certainly do not know them now.

Formed in Lexington, Kentucky, the once post-hardcore act is pushing ever more into a realm of pop. They are embracing change, and it seems they are not looking back.

As the band has stated on their social media pages, “No band wants to write the same album over and over again. And for Emarosa, that means turning the page and introducing the world to the band’s newest chapter – the one that best represents where they’ve grown and where they’re going.”

Yesterday the band teamed up with Loudwire and PopCrush for the premiere of their new single, “Don’t Cry” off their upcoming fifth studio album, Peach Club, which is out February 8 via Hopeless Records. (Pre-orders can be purchased now.)

“Don’t Cry” is the second single to be released off the band’s upcoming album – “Givin’ Up” being the first. Old fans, after listening to these singles, may feel inclined to drop out of the fanbase. Even so, the upcoming album shows promise.

“Givin’ Up” definitely leans more into a successful experimental category with its saxophone solos and pop melodies. It is like Don Broco meeting Maroon 5.  “Don’t Cry” is a completely different beast – one listeners may or may not enjoy.

Like “Givin’ Up,” “Don’t Cry” seems to be on the repetitive side. This is great for possible radio play; however, it is not so great for fans and other musicians that may be looking for more variety. Sure, you can sing along to both songs, but are they really all that unique?

Moving on, “Don’t Cry” comes across as a seemingly dull and cliché ballad. The lyrics seem like ones you could pull out of any other commercial song about romance. Sadly, it’s nothing special, and it will most likely not be the best song on the upcoming record.

When it comes to the song’s positives, frontman Bradley Walden still manages to deliver incredible vocals, and the rest of the band and him provide listeners with a great bridge. Do these positives overpower the negatives on this track, though? Not really.

All in all, Peach Club will be a change for Emarosa’s fanbase. Whether it is going to be a beneficial or regretful change will only be revealed with time.

Rating: C+

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