Over the past decade that Emarosa has been active, they have made their slow transition from post-hardcore to emo pop rock. Now, they're straight up pop rock.

Their first single, "Givin' Up," off their upcoming album Peach Club, tells us right off that bat that they have lifted off and away from their roots for a totally new direction. The song's twangy riffs, swanky bass, and supporting saxophones explode in the listener's ear with no breaks. Lead vocalist Bradley Walden sings with almost a Bruno Mars attitude and wit. However, this sound, in the grand scheme of new music is very been-there-done-that.

Their second single and second of the track listing, "Don't Cry" feels like a song that has already happened in the past decade. It's a slow, tender song and it's better than the lead single. The third and final single off Peach Club is "Cautious." To this date, this song has received the most praise between the three singles. It includes 1980s inspired synths and a chorus that isn't overly repetitive. A pleasant radio friendly pop rock ballad.

"Get Back Up." is exactly what you'd imagine it to be about: "hit that drum to my beat and I get back up to my feet." A real lyric from this song. The creativity in these lyrics is on par with Radio Disney stars. Although the guitar work is much more notable in this song versus the rest of the album. "So Bad" might have described itself. In actuality, it's not literally "so bad," it's just that it's hardly memorable. It continues to use 80s synths and swanky bass. It has a nice atmosphere though for a pleasant listen.

"Help You Out" is by far the best track on this record. It begins with an anticipating, driving, light rock guitar rhythm. The drumming is also a stand out portion of the song too. Its post-hardcore roots are seeping through. It doesn't solely make a foundation for the song, it adds some attitude to it as well. There are good breaks and spaces to breathe. It makes the track the most dynamic.

"xo" is a track that centers on Bradley and just an electric guitar. It is a simple guitar plucking ballad about him losing the love of his life and feeling scared and mixed up about it. It is a heart-wrenching but fantastic vocal performance.

 "Comfortable" brings on airy synths, pianos, and breathy vocals. The basic electronic beats almost give the track a Backstreet Boys type of feel. "IW2DWY" is an acronym for "I want to(stylized as 2) die with you" is very basic sad pop song. A good song for background music to a teenage drama where a couple is breaking up or one wants redemption.

Lastly Emarosa offers "Wait, Stay." It begins with a dreamy single guitar to open, with the sound of a car passing by to accompany the mood. Then chimes to begin the slow dance beat and Bradley's soft vocals. Definitely overall a better track.

Emarosa show a great sense of versatility on this record considering their post-hardcore roots. In the future, it'd be nice for them to narrow down which sound was received best and stick to that for a next record. Definitely the sound of " Help You Out," "Wait, Stay," and "Cautious." would be a good place to start. The saxophones and swanky bass lines are not Emarosa's strong suit, however the 80s/90s synths and chimes add something soft to the mix and is very pleasant.

Make sure to check out Peach Club tomorrow!

Rating: 6/10