Set It Off’s “Midnight World Tour” recently rolled through Philadelphia, PA and the night was nothing short of amazing. Providing support on this tour are L.I.F.T., Super Whatevr, and With Confidence- off of whom delivered fantastic performances.

Taking the stage next was Super Whatevr, who started their set off slow with a song called “Katherin With a K”, before exploding into an active burst of energy. Lead singer Skyler McKee jumped around the stage with such vigor while performing. The band really put their all into their performance. About halfway through the set they performed “Someone Somewhere Somehow”, a song McKee wrote after the tragic passing of his cousin. He made a very touching speech, connecting with the audience about mental health and having hope.

Third up was the Sydney pop punk band With Confidence. The band really got the crowd pumped up and moving. Crowd surfers and angry finger pointing was a staple for their set. The atmosphere for With Confidence always stayed very personal and comfortable. During their last song “Voldemort”, Robert Joffred of Emarosa came out to play bass alongside the band. It was a great surprise for the audience and really let the band go out with a bang.

As the lights dimmed, attendees patiently waited for Set It Off’s arrival on stage. This was the Midnight Tour after all, so why not have a countdown to midnight, right? Before taking the stage the band’s screen behind the drum kit showed a clock counting up to 12:00, with a voiceover announcing a two-minute countdown to midnight. As the clock hit five seconds remaining audience members screamed the rest of the countdown before members took the stage to start off with “Lonely Dance”. The band gave an incredible performance, with notable vocal runs from front man Cody Carson, as well as some really great live trumpet parts from lead guitarist Dan Clermont. During “Upside Down”, Carson joined in on saxophone alongside Clermont’s trumpet parts and it is very clear that the members of Set It Off are very well trained musically. Another notable section is the drum solo from Maxx Danziger, who plays drums over top a medley of popular songs. Towards the end of the set the band talked to the audience about the acoustic medley they had performed on the previous fall tour and had decided to do a full band medley. It was really great to see how much audience members were absolutely captivated the entire set. I guess you could say the band had them “Hypnotized” (pun completely intended). The band performed hits such as “Killer in the Mirror”, “Dancing With the Devil”, “Why Worry”, and “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”. You could tell the set list was carefully chosen to appease fans of almost all the album eras, and it also allowed fans to really let their energy out.

The set was full of little surprises here and there, some of which I did not mention because I don’t want to give away the entire performance. If you happen to find the tour headed your way, you’ll definitely need to grab a ticket and check it out!

Nicole DiBenedetto is a photographer based out of New Jersey. She likes making new friends and meeting new people so catch her out in the pit and say hi!