French electro-rock band Shaka Ponk is one of those bands that you don’t listen to for five years - it’s ok, everyone can make mistakes once in a while - and you still go to their concert, completely convinced that you will have an amazing time. It’s this band you go see live, fully knowing that you will be sore and dead on your feet the next morning at work. That said, when they announced a second part of their “MonkAdelic” tour - supporting their album The Evol’ - stopping in Chambéry (50km from my current home) I knew I had to go and see them.

For the whole second part of this tour they trusted KillASon to open the show. The singer, dancer, and rapper is a true showman. Truth be told, it was the last date of the “MonkAdelic” tour, so the lad had time to adapt to play in front of big crowds for several months. Nevertheless, KillASon was one of the most at-ease openers I had seen in a while. With his electro-rap, he warmed up the crowd quickly and efficiently. I’m still impressed by his break dance moves!

After a 45-minute set by KillASon it was time for Shaka Ponk to come on stage.

It was my fourth time seeing them on this tour but I still really loved the intro they used. Coming on stage with “Killing Hallelujah”, a rock banger from their last album, they started the night with a lot of energy! The lead-singer, Frah, spent more time in the crowd than on stage, diving in to the crowd at the end of the very first song. Sam, the female singer of the band, stayed in front interacting with the spectators in the front rows and with the other musicians. During their more than two hour set they played in front of an already won over and very enthusiastic audience, not slowing down once. In the middle of the show, while Frah was visiting the seating areas of the venue, Sam sang a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, putting their own twist on the very famous song. Their cover is so beautiful - it’s even more powerful live - and was a highlight of the night.

The end of the show was even crazier as the band celebrated the end of the tour and the birthday of Mandris, the bass player. They concluded the mad night with a last crowd dive, joined by KillASon and their managers. What a show!

If you ever have the chance to catch Shaka Ponk, at a festival or a headline show, don’t hesitate to catch their live performance.