‘Sold Out’ reads the marquee for native Australian alternative punk rock band, Chase Atlantic at the Underground in Charlotte. You can already feel the electric energy in the crowd buzzing around just outside the venue. Like clockwork, Lauren Sanderson took the stage to open for the headliner on their north American ‘Phases’ Tour.

 Sanderson was an ideal special guest; she lit up the stage immediately and it was clear that fans were not only there for Chase Atlantic, as they shouted her lyrics right back to her. Between moments of hype and bounding across the stage while engaging the crowd, she would take a pause to connect with the fans and really take it all in. As a newly independent artist there seemed to be a particular edge to her performance, really punching on the fact that she could now express herself without restraint. Her mix of rap and raw vocals especially during “The Only One”, were a powerful force that seemed to rally the crowd with enthusiastic mirroring.

 Before the guys hit the stage there was imminent anticipation rolling off of the crowd, which only grew when a flash of the lights beamed. In the darkness we could make out their touring drummer, Jesse Boyle who took center stage on the kit and started off the show with percussion that built until finally the lights came up and the remaining members, comprised of Clinton Cave, Christian Anthony, touring member Patrick Wilde, and lead vocalist Mitchel Cave, ran on stage. Over the roaring fans, Chase Atlantic opened with their song “ANGELS” from their new album ‘PHASES’ released earlier this year. I was blown away by the production value. For a band performing in a relatively small venue the lights, screens, smoke, and build-ups were fit for an arena. It made for a spectacular display to accentuate their energy on stage.

They played a variety of songs like, “HER”, “Friends”, “The Walls”, “ LOVE IS (NOT) EASY” and “Swim”. The performance shot off like a canon, with Mitchel jumping and whipping his hair around all while belting out the lyrics. One of the more unique aspects of the show was when Clinton traded the guitar for his saxophone and blended the alt rock sound with a hint of R&B. Each member of the band was so present it would be impossible to be part of the crowd and not have your eyes glued to the stage. The fans seemed to move as one when prompted to ‘get their hands up’ and ‘jump’. Electricity pulsed throughout the entire venue.

 After a brief interlude the guys made their way back on stage with refreshed tenacity. Mitchel made sure to give the crowd the attention and show they were hungry for. This was my first time seeing Chase Atlantic and I would highly recommend seeing them on their “PHASES” tour if you have the chance. It was truly a unique sound and experience being part of a crowd that was so engaged with the music, and an artist that was also so receptive of their fans.