Madison Cunningham is an artist worthy of your attention. Her latest release, “Beauty into Clichés”, is a masterfully simple yet remarkably truthful reflection about how we as a society have a tendency of overlooking and not fully appreciating what is around us. We take for granted what makes life beautiful by walking through the dark never taking a second to look up and enjoy the stars. 

“Shouldn’t it concern me, that we shrink beauty to fit in our minds; don’t have to listen to the whole song to know what’s in the third line”. “It’ll never be enough, it’ll never measure up; turning the depth of the ocean to the size of a cup” are powerful sentiments that couldn’t ring truer. Everything today is accessible, but does this make us more fulfilled and happier? Madison argues not.  

There is an honesty and humbleness to Madison’s work. It feels warm and familiar where I was instantly reminded of Blake Mills’ “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me. Going back through her catalog of music, it’s clear that Madison Cunningham is continuing to grow and evolve her sound as she explores and experiments within the singer-songwriter, alt-country, and folk genres. 

Following up Madison’s 2017 album, “Love, Lose, Remember”, her new single has been released just before going on a 33 date tour in support of Brooklyn based, Punch Brothers. The tour kicks off July 12th in Charleston, SC and will come to a close on September 15th in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Austin Newkirk is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer. You’ll likely find him in one of three places - out at the beach with his dog, Ky, at a brewery sipping on a stout, or out shooting your next favorite band.