The Devil Wears Prada came through Dallas for the 3rd time this year; however, this occasion was more special than the others because they were playing a 10-year anniversary tour for their album With Roots Above and Branches Below. The show was at Canton Hall, a relatively popular venue in Deep Ellum, with opening acts Fit For A King and The ‘68.

The ‘68 opened up the show with an absolute bang and such an amazing stage presence. I’ve seen them twice, including this show, and Nikko on drums gives so much energy and amazing fills with the small set up he runs with and Josh on guitar brings it all to life with his great humor and amazing vocals. I always enjoy watching Nikko continue to play after the set is over while Josh puts his parts on a loop and breaks down their set until nothing is left.

Just when you think the show couldn’t get any better Fit For A King came out with guns blazing. Just about every song had the crowd going crazy. Even behind the barrier I had to keep my eyes out for all the waves of crowd surfers song after song. With vocalist Ryan Kirby up front showing all of his energy in his vocals and bassist Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary twisting and jumping around the stage the set was mesmerizing .

And of course they saved the best for last with The Devil Wears Prada. The band had a really dope digital backdrop of the With Roots Above and Branches Below album cover and the venue erupted in excitement as they made their way onto the stage. This was my first time seeing them live so I couldn’t help but to get excited in the photo pit - mouthing all of my favorite lyrics while capturing the emotion from their set. Their performance was nothing short of amazing. The band played the entire length of With Roots Above and Branches Below and still threw in another three songs as an encore.

If you’ve never seen them before I recommend snagging a ticket next time these bands are near you.

Lincoln is a freelance photographer and musician in the DFW area. He has four years of experience - his work now mainly revolves around portraits and live music, though he is always open and enjoys exploring photography in any aspect.