Turnover’s spring headline tour recently hit The Palladium in Worcester, MA. They brought along Turnstile and Reptaliens to open for a magical night of good music and people.

Portland based band, Reptaliens, started the night off and the crowd loved them instantly. They reminded me a lot of Turnover with their melodic rhythm and overall chill vibe. Throughout their set they played songs from their album Valis. Reptaliens played an enchanting set and you could tell everyone in the room fell in love with their music. I definitely can’t wait to see them live again.

Up next was Maryland hardcore band, Turnstile. I’ve been a fan of Turnstile since they released Step to Rhythm in 2013 and after years of waiting I finally got to see them live. They started off full of energy and never faltered throughout the night..neither did the crowd. As soon as they started playing, crowd surfers started coming from every direction, some even running up on stage to yell along the lyrics. The band played new and old songs, including those from their 2018 release Time & Release. They also played songs from Nonstop Feeling which is when the crowd went their craziest. Turnstile put on one of the best performances live and I wasn’t left disappointed at all.

Finally it was time for Turnover to come on. The room was packed with everyone trying to make themselves fit in the pit. As soon as they started playing their first song, everyone in the room was jumping and singling along. Turnover is just one of those bands you can’t help but sing along to every word. The band played songs from their very loved album, Peripheral Vision, and also Good Nature. They even played some new material and I don’t think anyone was disappointed with it. I think it actually made everyone want a new album to be released right that second. Turnover will probably forever be one of my favorite bands to photograph/see live. They always seem to put on a magical performance that gets you so into the music, you forget about everything else.

This tour was probably one of my favorite lineups to see and it was truly an amazing night. I can’t wait to see each of these bands again and hear what they release next.