On May 4th, the Fresh Produce Tour came through nightshop in Bloomington, IL and the four bands on the tour each played fun sets leaving the crowd with joy!

Young Culture was up first and started out the night all smiles! These boys played a fun set as people danced away to their music. One memorable thing about this band is how well they play no matter what the size of the crowd is, which is so important in a band. They managed to make their set enjoyable for everyone. Young Culture is still relatively small, but worth giving a listen!

Next was Heart Attack Man. The Ohio natives kept up the energy that Young Culture brought into the room with their set. They played songs such as “Fake Blood”, “Low Hanging Fruit”, and “100”. The unique thing about this band is how the variety in their music. They refuse to play it safe by sticking to one sound.

Free Throw played in the third spot of the night. They played songs that everyone loves and put a lot of emotion into their set. The crowd continued to pile into the bar as the band played and moving all around as the band played. They ended their set with the oh so famous “Two Beers In”, which got everyone singing along.

Last up was the band everyone was waiting for, Seaway! They kept up with the theme of their tour name, Fresh Produce, by playing a vibrant and colorful set. These Canadians started off their set strong by playing “Pleasures” and “Car Seat Magazine”. They continued to play a long, but fun, set that kept everyone's attention by playing songs such as “London”, “40 Over”, and “Curse Me Out”. They finished out the night beautifully with “Something Wonderful”!