Wilderado recently played an intimate show at The Foundry in Philadelphia, opening up for Sure Sure. It was my first time getting to see them and I only recently heard them for the first time as well, but it was such a wonderful show.

The band mentioned several times how grateful they were that even though they were a long way from home, they had an audience to play to out in Philly on a Monday night. They weren’t joking about that long way thing either: the four piece alternative indie band hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Lead vocalist Maxim Rainer has a classic Midwestern twang to his voice at moments that add an extra layer of depth to his vocals. Wilderado have such a way of connecting with the audience and making everyone feel like they are hanging out with a big group of friends. Throughout their set, the band playfully bantered with each other and audience members, easily putting huge smiles on everyone’s faces. Their set didn’t feel rushed at all like some sets can feel. They seemed to take the time to bond with the audience throughout the set, which felt so welcoming.

Wilderado started their set off slow, making me feel like I was chilling out on a porch swing somewhere just taking in the fresh air and perfect weather. Their set built in energy up until the end when they were bursting with it on stage. Wilderado recently released their EP titled “Favors” back in May and played my favorite track “Sorrow” at the show. It was great getting to hear this track live because Rainer’s vocal tone is so clear and powerful. The band really started to jam out towards the end of the song and you could tell they were having so much fun on stage. Another notable quality of their set was the vocal harmonies provided by Wilderado’s guitarist and bassist. The harmonies meshed perfectly with Rainer’s vocals and gave me chills.

If Wilderado take a trip into your town I highly recommend checking them out. They were a talented group of musicians who put on a very enjoyable show!

Nicole DiBenedetto is a photographer based out of New Jersey. She likes making new friends and meeting new people so catch her out in the pit and say hi!