Earlier this month I had the chance to cover After The Burial and The Acacia Strain’s “Rareform Across the Continent” Tour in Worcester, MA. The tour celebrated the 10 year anniversaries of After The Burial’s album ‘Rareform’ and The Acacia Strain’s album ‘Continent’. It was a great night of old fans coming together to enjoy some of their favorite albums.

Sadly, I didn’t make it to see Make Them Suffer open the show but I was able to see Erra open before The Acacia Strain came on. Erra experienced technical difficulties before their set could even begin, which would stress out anyone, but the crowd made sure to continue to cheer them on before their set began and remained patient as they tried to get everything figured out. I always love seeing such a large crowd supporting the openers as much as they support the headliners. Even with all the setbacks, they gave their set their all.

Next up was The Acacia Strain and there’s no words to describe how excited I was. Hearing their album ‘Continent’ in its entirety was a dream for all the fans in the room. Before the band even began to play, the entire venue went wild. Crowd surfers came from every direction and a pit broke out immediately. Everyone in the photo pit, including myself, didn’t even mind crowd surfers and security falling into us because we were all just so hyped for this set. TAS went hard for their set and I can easily say they’re one of my favorite bands to see live.

Finally it was time for After The Burial to come on. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when shooting them. All I knew is that there were going to be a lot of strobes and crowd surfers coming at me. I wasn’t sure how my photo were going to come out, but I left with some of my favorite shots. The band was full of energy and took over the stage. They made my job pretty easy to say the least. The room went wild while singing along to all of the ‘Rareform’ album, and it was amazing to see.

This entire tour lineup was incredible and I wish I could go to this show all over again. Make sure to make it out to the remaining dates if they’re coming your way!